Miss Liberia 2003-Desiree Gibson
Miss Liberia US 2004 - Robertha Budy
Miss Liberia 2005-Delcontee Glekiah
Miss Liberia 2006-Ro Pauline Kun Doe
Miss Liberia US 2007 - Mamawa Fofana
Miss Liberia US 2008-Hananatu Tunis
Miss Liberia US 2009-Mattie James
Miss Liberia US 2010-Mahja Zeon
Miss Liberia US 2011-Lawdia Kennedy
Miss Liberia 2012-Patience Noah
Miss Liberia US 2013-Mollyn Jarbo
Miss Libeira US 2014-Moandra Johnson
Miss Liberia US 2016-Gboea Flumo
Miss Liberia US 2018-19-Naomi Glay

Developed by the Liberian United Women in Progress (L.U.W.I.P.), a non-profit, non political community based resource group headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, The Miss Liberia in the U.S. Scholarship Pageant was born out of the need to create a forum for young women of Liberian descent here in the United States to embrace and promote their culture, express their talent, beauty, and accomplishments. The pageant is now in its seventeenth year.

Today, the Miss Liberia in the U.S Organization is even more passionate about community service and education and is making significant strides in these directions.  Our goal is to develop women who seek to improve the lives of others, as well as achieve their personal goals. The Miss Liberia in the U.S Organization is partnering with community based groups to continue to give Liberia a voice right here in the United States.


Because of these and many other endeavors, Miss Liberia in the U.S. is goal-oriented, career savvy, and a beautiful young woman. She is culturally aware, charismatic, spiritually sentient, educated, and intelligent; and all of these characteristics are personified in her everyday life.The organization continues to grow rich in history and social significance as we work to rebuild and promote a positive image of our beloved Liberia and at the same time propagate the UNITY that is necessary for the development of a vibrant Liberian community abroad and at home (in Liberia). 

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