2018  Miss Liberia US Finalists


Contestant Name: Naomi Glay

Contestant State: Georgia

Age: 23

Education/Field of Study: Attended Maplewoods Community College

More about Miss Georgia Liberia:

Naomi Glay is a Liberian-American raised in Kansas City, Missouri and has resided in Atlanta for the last four years. During this time, Naomi has been able to build a

relationship with God like never before. She currently works as a leasing consultant and is studying to obtain her real estate license. Her commitment and inspiration in modeling has exposed her to various opportunities. Naomi “believes

we’re already equipped with everything necessary for us to succeed in life” and that each person has something profound and natural to offer the world, especially as it pertains to life’s reality.

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Contestant Name: Koisey Hiama

Contestant State: Minnesota

Age: 22

Education/Field of Study: Recent graduate from: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities; Major - Psychology, Minor: Family Social Science

More about Miss Minnesota Liberia:

My name is Koisey Hiama, I am 22 years old, I am the eldest of three, and I belong to the Gbandi and Lorma tribes. I recently graduated with my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. During my time there, I remained active in a variety of organizations that were primarily focused on bringing African American students together on a PWI campus. As a recent graduate from the U of M, I plan to go on to graduate school to receive my Master’s degree, have a variety of careers and potentially one day open my own practice with professionals that are people of color who figure out how best to serve minorities. Aside from being a student, I’m also a model, which has helped me grow confidence that I hope to help other girls have. It’s sparked a goal of mine to try and help to someday make a difference in the fashion world, by helping to change the definition of the standard of beauty and create opportunities for women of all races and sizes. I’m determined, motivated, and overall excited to have the chance to participate in something bigger than myself.

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Contestant Name: Rudmita Mark

Contestant State: New Jersey

Age: 19

Education/Field of Study: Mercer County Community College; Major – Liberal Arts

More about Miss New Jersey Liberia:

My name is Rudmita Mark and I am a determined and highly motivated person. I try my best to remain and think positive in every situation, good or bad. I’m very responsible and I love keeping myself busy by working part-time and going to school. I’m very outgoing and outstanding. Everyone always comes to me for advice and I love helping out others. Above all, I would say I am just a young soul striving for greatness.


Contestant Name: Alberta Richards

Contestant State: New York

Age: 20

Education/Field of Study: Mercer County Community College; Major - Nursing

More about Miss New York Liberia:

I am a Trenton High School graduate. In my spare time, I do make up for prom, birthdays, and other special occasions. I also do hair and design clothes. My goal is to be a very successful MUA (make-up artist)/stylist, with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.


Contestant Name: Aba Aggrey

Contestant State: Pennsylvania

Age: 18

Education/Field of Study: Pennsylvania State University – University Park; Major - Psychology

More about Miss Pennsylvania Liberia:

I am a focused and driven individual who strives for success. My number one priority has always been my education, and for that reason, I have excelled in my academics. I strive to be a positive example to my peers using my strong leadership qualities. As a feminist, my passion is to empower females and advocate for women’s rights. Although I consider myself a soft-spoken person, there is power in the words that I say.

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